6 Ways To Travel From Orlando To Miami

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Florida is a popular location, both to live and vacation. It has many attractions that cover various interests, from theme parks in Orlando to sunny beaches in Miami. Orlando is 235 miles north of Miami, and that distance can only be traveled by land or air. If you want to hit both locations during a vacation, you may wonder what's the best way to get from Orlando to Miami. Or perhaps you're a Miami native and want a fun (or fast!) way to get from Miami to Orlando for a quick getaway. There are many options!


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1. From Orlando To Miami By Bus

Getting to Miami by bus is the most budget-friendly option. There are three bus companies available for you to choose from: Greyhound, Megabus, or Red Coach. If you need to get some work done along the way, choose Megabus or the first class Red Coach option to access special features, such as free Wi-Fi and charging ports. The ride takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Greyhound and Red Coach will take you to the Miami International Airport. Megabus will let you off near the airport, at the Miami Intermodal Center. From either dropoff location, you'll either need to rent a car, use a service such as Uber, or hop on a local bus to get to your destination. The Miami Beach Airport Express leaves from the airport and travels along Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue, dropping passengers off along Mid Beach and South Beach.

2. From Orlando To Miami By Car

Driving from one place to another is often the easiest way to get there, and depending on gas prices, it's frequently the cheapest option as well. You'll likely need to stop to refill the gas tank once over the 235 miles. Depending on what kind of traffic you hit, the drive will take anywhere from 3 hours 40 minutes to over 5 hours.

  • Florida Turnpike - This is the most straightforward route from Orlando to Miami, but it's a toll road. Those tolls will really add up, especially if you're from out of state and don't have a SunPass. Many rental car companies have special policies for using toll roads, meaning that you might find yourself with toll fares and extra fees from the rental company!

  • I-95 South - This is another toll road, but only in certain lanes and in certain sections. These SunPass lanes are marked with double dashes, similar to carpool lanes. You can take I-95 South to Miami without paying the toll fare if you avoid them.

  • US 441 - This meandering highway will take you longer. The speed limit is slower, and you'll hit traffic lights from small towns along the way. However, it's a great way to get from Orlando to Miami without using toll roads.


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3. From Orlando To Miami By Train

A fun, unique way to get from Orlando to Miami is by train. The Amtrak rail service offers a train from the historic Orlando Amtrak Station (worth a visit in itself!) to the Miami Amtrak Station in 5 hours and 35 minutes.

The Miami Amtrak Station is a little ways from any place of interest, so you'll need to walk or take a taxi to the nearby local Tri-Rail and Metrorail stations that will take you to downtown Miami. You could also jump off the Amtrak train early at Hollywood Station and take the Tri-Rail there to the Miami International Airport.

You can also find Tri-Rail service between Miami (MIA Miami Intl), Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach to Orlando and even all the way to Tampa.

4. From Orlando To Miami By Transfer Tour

Transfer tours are often run by small, privately-owned businesses that use passenger vans to drive you to your destination. It's somewhat like a taxi service, but for longer distances - and often at a great price! This removes the stress of dealing with airports or driving on the Interstate, leaving you free to enjoy your trip! You can find deals for transfer tours with ticket prices under $30 one way. These shuttle vans will drop you off at any one of multiple stops, including at the airport and in downtown Miami.

5. From Orlando To Miami By Day Tour

One of the best ways to enjoy a day trip to Miami is by booking a day tour. The tour bus will pick up passengers from hotels around Orlando, then drive to Miami. Once you're in Miami, you'll be taken to many exciting locations, such as the Bayside Marketplace, South Beach, and the Art Deco district. At the end of the day, the bus will head back to Orlando. The round trip will last 16 hours, and you'll have much less flexibility in your schedule. But - breakfast is included, and you won't have to deal with planning the details of a quick one-day getaway! Just book and enjoy.

6. From Orlando To Miami By Plane

If you just can't wait, then it's time to look into air travel. It's more expensive, but you'll get there in 1 hour 12 minutes with a direct flight. If you book early, you can find deals from Orlando to Miami flights or on Miami to Orlando flights.

Which airlines fly from Miami airport to Orlando airport? Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines offer the cheapest flights out of Orlando International Airport, starting at $50 tickets for one-way nonstop flights. It is possible to find an even better deal. The cheapest flight we have seen is under $50!

You can also choose direct flights from American Airlines and United Airlines. The Orlando to Miami nonstop flight is popular, with more than 10 flights from Orlando leaving a day. When you arrive, Miami International Airport offers a bus that runs along Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue, making stops all along Mid Beach and South Beach in Miami.

The cheapest months to fly is February and March. 

How Many Flights Are There Between Orlando And Miami Daily?

On average there are 35 departures per day and 245 flights per week.

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