We're thrilled to share that Planet Rider has recently acquired the domain and website of OCSCSailing (oscssailing.com)

This addition is a perfect complement to Planet Rider's existing audience and provides an extensive range of pertinent topics. The timing of the acquisition is impeccable, with the pandemic resulting in a surge in online shopping and more individuals working from home. As such, it's crucial that we equip our readers with valuable and practical information to assist them in their research. 

At Planet Rider, our mission is to educate and help our users save time by conducting extensive research on their behalf. Fiona Perisone, our Chief Editor and CEO, is excited to welcome OCSC Sailing's team to our team. This is a momentous occasion for Planet Rider as it represents our first acquisition, and we're eager to see how it enhances our portfolio.

OCSC Sailing was an exceptional resource that offered a diverse array of content on water sports, sailing, fishing, outdoor sports, and gear. We verified that the content was meticulously researched and, most significantly, provided value to the reader.

For you, this acquisition translates to access to new, highly researched, and relevant content that pertains to sailing, water sports and outdoor activities.

Our team will carefully scrutinize and edit the new content before adding it to the appropriate categories, ensuring that it is top-notch and useful to our readers.

"We're excited about the start of something fantastic, as this acquisition is a perfect fit for us" - Fiona Perisone