9 Cherry Picking Farms And Orchards Near Los Angeles

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Fresh cherries are a delicacy loved by kids and adults alike. They're delicious, healthy, and super versatile, as you can incorporate them into various recipes. Their sweet taste and bright red color make them a great addition to any dish or drink, and their nutritional value is unparalleled.

Cherries have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and fiber — so much so that just one cup of these sweet treats can provide nearly half of the suggested dose of vitamin C!

So, whether you're looking for a fun family activity or need fresh ingredients to make your jams and pies, give cherry-picking a go! If you don't have access to a cherry tree, lucky for you, there are tons of U-Pick cherry farms near the City of Angels that bear a bountiful harvest.

The Best 9 Cherry Picking Farms And Orchards Near Los Angeles

Cherry picking is an ideal activity for families looking for a day out or bakers who want their cherry pies looking and tasting their best. Thankfully, numerous cherry orchards around LA grow the finest cherries naturally and pesticide-free. 

1 Cherry Hill Farm

Cherry Hill Farm

Cherry Hill Farm is a premier producer of organic cherries. No pesticides or herbicides. Located about an hour outside Los Angeles, Cherry Hill Farm welcomes families with kids to pick cherries, although parents ensure their kids stay with them. 

The Cherry Hill farm refuses to harvest any fruit that isn't perfect and cares about the health of its customers as much as it does its own bottom line. They also offer local honey and goat milk soaps. And if you are in Leona Valley in June, be sure to check out the annual cherry parade and festival.

Cherry Varieties: burlat cherries and brooks cherries

The Cherry Hill Farm U Pick Cherries is located in Leona Valley, California, just 12 miles west of Palmdale. At 39300 Bouquet Canyon Road, Leona Valley, CA 93551.

2 Mustang Ranch Cherry Orchard

Mustang Ranch Cherry Orchard

Mustang Ranch is one of the most popular cherry orchards in the area. It's a family-owned and operated orchard with nearly 300 trees with Bing, Brooks, and Lapin's varieties that will knock your socks off!

It's also an ideal picnicking spot for families and friends to enjoy the sweet fruits of their labor. 

They are located in Leona Valley on 40206 Mustang Road, Leona Valley, Ca 93551.

3 Providence Farm

Providence Farm

Providence Farm is a small family-operated farm that offers the freshest produce you can find around. They have been in business for more than 40 years and take pride in their organic approach of using no pesticides or herbicides on their crops. 

As a result, they have an array of fresh vegetables, fruits, free-range eggs, and more! 

You can visit them at 40376 Brookside Avenue, Cherry Valley, California.

4 Rolling Thunder Ranch

Rolling Thunder Ranch

Rolling Thunder Ranch is a family-owned business that aims to make you feel at home, and they don't miss out on a chance to ensure you're having fun! During June, the ranch prepares for the cherry season by welcoming families and children eager to see farm animals and relax after their long drive. 

When the cherry season comes, Rainier, Bing cherries, and Skeena cherries are available for you to pick. Local honey is available for purchase, and be sure to try their famous cherry lavender sweet tea.

Rolling Thunder Ranch is a Leona Valley Cherry Growers Association member and guarantees pesticide-free fruit, so you can sample the stone fruit right off the tree.

You can find the Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch at 10254 Leona Ave., Leona Valley, California

4 Windy Ridge Ranch

Windy Ridge Ranch

Overlooking the wonders of Leona Valley, the Windy Ridge Ranch offers the sweetest and most delicious cherries LA has to offer. Its Bing and Rainier cherries grow on dwarf trees, making them easier for children to pick cherries themselves.

Aside from cherries, Asian pears, Gala apples, and plums are also available.

Visit them at 9811 Leona Ave, Leona Valley, CA 93551.

5 Copeland's Cherry Ranch

Copeland's Cherry Ranch

While you can always pick your own cherries at Copeland's Cherry Ranch, for people who have limited time or don't want to pick their own fruit, Copeland's Cherry Ranch also offers a wide variety of pre-picked cherries you can buy. They have five cherry varieties here and as well as some of the best-tasting local honey. The bees live on the ranch and collect nectar from cherry blossoms and wildflowers throughout Leona Valley.

The ranch is located at 9611 Leona Ave., Leona Valley, California

6 JLFarms


Littlerock's oldest cherry orchard, JLFarms, is a family-owned cherry orchard that produces Rainier, Lapin, Bing, and Brooks cherries. They have 650 fruit trees, of which half are Rainier sweet cherries while the rest are Lapin and Brook varieties. The cherry trees are trimmed 7 to 9 feet tall, so you can easily reach all the cherries from the ground.

Pruning the trees to a height between 7 and 9 feet allows all cherries to fall quickly to the ground, making cherry-picking an ideal summer activity for children.

Find them at 7651 East Avenue U, Littlerock, California

7 Guldseth Cherry Orchard

Guldseth Cherry Orchard

Guldseth Cherry Orchard was started 30 years back and is renowned for its gourmet-quality cherries. They have Bing, Lambert cherries, Royal Ann cherries, Hardy Giant cherries, Rainier, Van, and Tartarian varieties! They also grow stone fruits and vegetables, as well as walnuts.

The orchard is located at 9150 Whispering Pines Rd, Cherry Valley, California

8 Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms

Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms

An hour's drive north of LA will bring you to Villa del Sol — a 25-acre working cherry orchard. This orchard lies on a south-facing slope where the sun warms the soil and prevents the fruit from freezing in the spring. With more than 3000 cherry trees spread across the land, you can find a wide variety, such as Bing, Rainier, Early Burlat, Brooks, and Tulare. 

Visit them at 6989 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Leona Valley, California

9 Full Moon Cherries

Full Moon Cherries

A family-owned U-Pick Cherry Orchard in Leona Valley, Full Moon Cherries offers pearl cherries and local honey. Cash only. Dogs are not welcome in the orchard.

Visit them at 39734 87th St., Leona Valley, CA.

When Is Cherry Season Near Los Angeles?

Cherry-picking season near the Los Angeles area happens every spring. Typically between the end of April and early June, it can sometimes stretch into July.

Every year and every location is a bit different and unique. For example, Leona Valley cherries are typically available from May to as late as early July! So make sure you enquire about the cherry-picking seasons, timings, and entry fees before heading to your nearest cherry orchard.

Types of Cherries Grown In Southern California

Here are some of the varieties of cherries you will find in Southern California:

Bing Cherries — The most prevalent cherry variety in California. They have a large, dark red color with superb flavor, juicy flesh, and firm with a crunch. They are sweet and slightly acidic with excellent flavor.

Brooks Cherries — A large, firm red cherry that has a sweet and rich flavor with a balanced firmness that is very close to Bing.

Burlat Cherries — Moderately firm, Burlat cherry has a sweet and juicy flavor.

Lapin Cherries  Very similar to bing cherries, they have a mild, sweet flavor that makes them perfect to be enjoyed raw or cooked.

Lambert Cherries  Crisp and sweet. Lambert cherries have a rich, dark flesh that bursts with juice. Perfect for cooking, preserving, or just enjoying as they are.

Montmorency Cherries — A dark color variety, Montmorency cherries are tart and sour than most.

Rainier Cherries — A yellow niche variety with a red blush, this variety has an exquisite flavor with high sugar content.

Skeena Cherries — Skeena cherries are considered late-season cherries. They vary from red to dark red and have a sweet but also acidic flavor with a firm texture.

Stella Cherries — A bright red variety that is exceptionally firm and sweet.

Tartarian Cherries — A sweet dark variety that has a concentrated, sweet, and tangy. It is also a fruit with a berry-like flavor.

Tulare Cherries — A large, dark red variety, not quite as firm as Bing. It is a bit tart but still has a sweet flavor.

Van Cherries — Firm and juicy, Van cherries is a dark and sweet mid-season variety. Perfect for cooking, freezing, drying, or enjoying as is.

Cherry Parade And Festival

If you are a cherry lover, you must check out the cherry parade and festival in Leona Valley. It even happens every year on the first Saturday of June!

At the festival, you will find arts and crafts, food vendors, live music, cherry queens, a cherry pie eating contest, and so much more!

Things To Know Before Visiting A Cherry Orchard Near Los Angeles

Baskets Are Provided

Most of these farms will also provide you with baskets or crates to fill up with cherries. Many orchards don't allow you to bring your own bucket.

Cash Only

Many orchards are cash only and do not accept credit cards or checks, so be sure to bring some cash with you before heading to an orchard.

Dirt Road

Most orchards are sitting on a dirt road, so the road can be a little bumpy before you reach the orchard.

Not Dog Friendly

If you want to bring your furry friend along, be sure to check the farm's website first. Many farms do not allow dogs on site.

Bring A Blunt Scissors

If you like stems on your cherries, it's best to bring a blunt scissor.

Sun Protection

It's always a good idea to bring a hat, sunblock and a jacket with you.

Close Toe Shoes

Many orchard grounds are uneven, and there can be a lot of sharp and poky materials on the ground. It's best to wear closed-toe shoes for safety reasons.

Now that you know of all the wonderful cherry-picking farms near Los Angeles, what're you waiting for? The next time you're looking for somewhere to spend a day with your family, consider visiting a local farm.

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